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I would like to have my driveway paved. What should I expect from the paving company that I choose?

You should choose a company that is fully licensed and insured. Salespeople should be courteous, and they should never make you feel uncomfortable. The work crew should be prompt, neat and professional when performing work at your home.

I have cracks and deep puddles in my existing driveway, would it be better to overlay or resurface my driveway, or remove and repave it?

This is a decision that you should make with your salesman. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when making this decision. First would be cost. How much do you want to spend? Secondly, how bad the existing driveway is? If your driveway is in really bad shape, you may have to completely remove it and repave it. Overlaying or resurfacing a rough driveway may only cover up the problems that you have, and will most likely return within a year or so. Most companies will NOT guarantee resurfacing. It is usually better to replace an existing driveway and for a few dollars more, you will eliminate a lot of your problems.

My new driveway has some areas that have a smooth finish and some areas that look a bit more coarse. How come?

Asphalt is made from crushed stone, sand, binders and liquid asphalt. This mixture is made in an asphalt plant, and different suppliers use different formulas to produce this product. Some companies add more stone or sand. Being coarse or smooth does not have any effect of the durability of your new driveway.

I have shrubs and trees along my driveway. Should I have them removed?

Roots from shrubs and trees may cause your driveway to crack. It will depend what kind of trees and shrubs you have and the depth of the roots. This is a personal choice, but be aware that they may cause damage, and it may void your guarantee.

I have been told to seal my new driveway. Why?

We do not recommend that you seal your new driveway for at least two years, to allow the asphalt to cure properly. Sealing helps protect your investment from vehicles that leak fluids, which will erode your new driveway.

I have spilled motor oil on my new driveway. What should I do?

Blot up any engine fluids ASAP. You can use speedy dry and then a mild dish soap to wash away any residue. Use a small amount of dish soap and a soft brush, then hose off.

A delivery truck has driven on my new driveway and left indents. Why did this happen?

Delivery vehicles are very heavy. Most new driveways need a substantial curing period before you should allow any heavy vehicles to drive on it. The curing period usually happens over the course of a year. Colder temps help with the curing process. Summer heat keeps the asphalt more pliable than winter cold. Keep in mind, a driveway that has not had enough time to cure will also show marks if a vehicles wheels grind or turn in hot asphalt. Always be sure to keep your vehicle moving while turning your wheels on a new driveway. You should not place things like tables, chairs, car jacks, motorcycle kickstands, etc. on a new driveway until it has had a chance to cure. High heels may even damage a new driveway in extreme heat.

How long should I remain off my newly installed driveway?

We recommend 5-10 days depending on outdoor temps. In extreme heat, it is better to stay off it as long as possible.

Thank you for inquiring into our company, and we hope these guidelines give you years on your investment.

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